Interview With Sathish Arumugam Founder Of TrafficCrow

Now a days people are very passionate on blogging to set some brand over the internet.At Initial stage of blogging they suffers a lot without getting traffic.
For this we have to get some experts tips who is already sucessful in this Industry last week have done Interview with Pro Blogger suresh kashyap founder of Tips2Secure.
Now we here presenting a sucessful blogger who is making enough money from his blog and has set some awesome brand over the internet.
He is non other than Sathish Arumugam Founder of TrafficCrow.He is from Coimbatore,Tamil Nadu.
He is an Affiliate Marketer & CEO Of SGS MediaSoft Digital Marketing Company and he is active since from past 8 years In this Industry
To know more about Sathish Arumugam Follow this.
So guys read the answers carefully and Understand Indept.
Now Go Ahead…..

1. Welcome to Syncetech  Sathish, Feeling just awesome to have you here

Hello, first of all very thank you karamath for this wonderful interview. It gives me an immense pleasure to answer or to share my experience with you. Really feeling happy and excited!!

2. Can you Introduce About your family and educational background? By the way, We Know about you so not necessary ūüėõ

Yes sure as you know my name is Sathish, my father’s name is Arumugam, my mom is Vijayalakshmi, elder sister Sudha Mythili just got married, and her husband name is Rajasekaran.
This is the name list of my sweet small family!!
My education background is I have done Diploma in mechanical engineering in Coimbatore – Tamilnadu.

3. How do you know about Blogging and how was your startup journey? What Motivated you?

I came to know about this Blogging before 5 Years. I use to read other useful blogs regularly and I have started my Traffic Crow journey in 2013. 
Now it is working successfully so feeling very happy with my Blogging Journey.

4. How do you spy on your competitor’s to out rank with there keywords they are ranking with?

At the beginning I used openprofiler site to check all the competitor links, then I switch over to semrush pay tool.
So currently I am doing SEO on the basis of related links which has good rankings.

5. What type of Investments have done at Initial Stage (Leave Domain & Hosting )?

At the initial stage I used to buy paid ebook then I purchased paid theme. So now, there are no investments except internet bill.

6. What is the best strategy to make out good enough money through affiliate marketing?

My personal suggestion marketing is always hosting and SEO tools only. These are the best tools to get good market. 
Once if we succeed in this then we can try amazon niche. 
Best advice for newbies is please avoid health niche because it has high competition so it may lead to very low sales.

7. How do you promote your content after publishing an article?

Once if a content was ready and published on my blog, I start to focus on submitting URL, sharing in social signals and I use those URL for 3 dofollow backlinks. 
By following these step my page will attain top rankings.
I never try bookmarking for any blogs. So try to avoid bookmarking(my personal suggestions).

8. What type of tools you are using to track a status of your blog and any Premium tools mandatory to buy each and every blogger?

I am using only google analytics and webmaster tools in free tools and in paid tools I always choose semrush and longtail pro for the site tracking purpose.
 To be a successful long term blogger just use the above-mentioned tools.

9. I love your Domain as well as your blog theme? Does theme matter a lot? 

Yes indeed, both these domain and blog theme matters a lot. So I have spent 40-50 days to select my domain name and 
I worked a lot to have a unique logo for traffic crow because these domain name and theme only help to achieve good branding.
At beginning, I used Genesis theme and now I am using voice theme for best results.
And you can also use SEO friendly theme and schema updated theme.

10. Blogs which you follow the most? – Harsh Agarwal – S Pradeep Kumar – Kulwant Nagi – Nirmala Santhakumar
This is the list of my favorite blog and which I use to follow regularly.

 11. What type of Link Building Strategy you follow to build high-quality Backlinks? 

My favorite link building ideas are:

1.    2 to 4 blog comments regularly
2.    web 2.0
3.    Profile backlinks
4.    Guest blog authority sites
5.    Authority backlinks
6.    Broken link backlinks
7.    Donation backlinks (once in a month)
8.    Expired backlinks
9.    Paid backlinks( only in authority sites)
10.  Testimonial backlinks
And I never use backlinks like directory submission and social bookmarking. So try to avoid this type of backlinks because it won’t give correct rankings.
Try to maintain your backlinks at the level of 4-7 daily. And after some days you can increase the number. This will help you to attain good result.

12. As we know you are a successful blogger? Is there any hidden tricks to rank on Google quickly which you have used (Black Hat Techniques)?

I never user uses black hat techniques and there is no any hidden tricks just I used some of the common factors to achieve top rankings.
A simple trick you can follow is quality content and quality backlinks only for site top rankings.

13. At Initial stage of blogging did you buy any gig from Fiverr ? If Yes What was that?

I never use Fiverr for blog promotion because we have to choose correct buyer and seller to have good business. 
Anyway it is full of risk and avoid doing order in backlinks because if it is not a quality backlinks it might get penalized.

14. Most of new bloggers suffer a lot to drive traffic to there blog and they finally quit ? Give them a unique best tip?

If there is no success for a blog please don’t feed up. To say openly, I earned my money only after 12 months.
Each blog may take time of at least 6 month to give some income. So do blog posts and promotions regularly success will come to your hands!!

15. What are your plans?

My future plan is to achieve good branding for my traffic crow and I have to be one the top ten bloggers in India.
And I have planned to use my traffic crow for only WordPress and blogging in future.

16. Message for my readers?

1. Don’t shift over from one niche to another without succeeding in one.
2. try to learn more and collect various information like story of successful bloggers, traffic report, income report, SEO tips, blogging tips and more.
Have contents which consist of more than 1000 words. And do it after a proper study. And in the case of review post, try to learn the post completely and then start to do it.
3. Do social signals. Communicate regularly in social media.
4. Do backlinks slowly. Maintain 3-5 do follow links daily.

My favorite quote“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” – Colin PowellSo just do hard work and achieve a lot..!!

Once again ‚ÄúThanks‚ÄĚ S M KARAMATH for this great interview.
I hope this interview is somewhat helpful.
Thank you!!

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Sathish Bro thanks a lot to be featured on so how was this Interview with Sathish Arumugam Founder of TrafficCrow and SGS Mediasoft guys.

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