Interview With Founder Of Tips2Secure.com [Mr. Suresh Kashyap]

Hello, guys we have nowhere the Founder of Tips2Secure Mr.Suresh Kashyap One of Ā Listed as Pro-Blogger of India.
According to me every new blogger’s should take Suresh Kashyap as there Inspiration and learn many things such as Not wasting money(Blogger Platform), patience, helpless and etc..
Do you know when Tips2Secure was established 8th November 2014 to Till date it is hosted on Blogger platform..
1 Min of silence to those who want to buy WordPress šŸ˜›
Ok now I will not write anything now if you want to know what is Tips2Secure and about Suresh Kashyap, you can go to this page and read
Before you read this Interview One request from my side Don’t just Read and leave but Analyze the answers he said and Implement further…
Don’t waste Money……(New Bloggers)
Now I’ll be Calm……
Go Ahead……..


1) Welcome to Syncetech.com.

First of allĀ thank you Karamath forĀ inviting me here to share my views with your readers.

2) Can you Introduce yourself to our readers?

Myself Suresh Kumar and I belong to Moga (Punjab, India). As by profession, I am a student (MBA) and also a blogger.
I am a 23-year-old guy. I have been working on my blog Tips2secure.com since November 2014.

3) Everyone will face some obstacles at Initial Stage of Blogging . In your case what were those obstacles ? what Motivated you ?

I belonged to a middle-class family. I put my steps in the Internet marketing in 2012. At that time, I did not have any PC or computer to start my work, the only thing I had was a simple WAP enabled mobile phone.
I made my first dollar with the help of that phone and Internet cafe. I used to spend hardly 30 minutes in the cafƩ because I was hardly able to pay the charge of a cafe.
The only thing which motivated me always in those circumstances was my passion, dedication towards my work and love with my dreams to make them come true one day.

4) How much time you spend on your blog daily ?

Nowadays, I hardly spend 1-2 hours on my blog.

5) Is any investment Necessary while Blogging? What type of Investment ?

Any investment is not necessary for blogging. There are lots of platforms who provide the bloggingĀ services and platform for free. One of those providers is Blogger.com.
Ā I also use Blogger for my blogs which cost nothing. But if you want to give your blog a professional look and to attract more readers then you can buy a domain which hardly costs $5-10 for the first time.
At the same time, If you choose self-hosted WordPress platform for your blogging then you will have to pay for hosting, domains etc., which add additional cost.
For newbie bloggers, I always recommend going with Blogger.

6) What are the methods you are using for the promote your blog ? Please tell us paid as well as freeĀ methods.

I hate Paid traffic sources to my blog. I always target the organic traffic to my blog.

For this, I do Keyword research and on-page SEO optimization while writing my blog posts.

I also share blog posts on my social profiles.

7) what type of tools you are using to track a status of your blog and any Premium tools mandatory to buy each and every blogger?

I do not use any premium or paid tool to track the status of my blog. I simply use Google webmasters tool and Google analytics tool.

I think these two tools are enough to track and manage the issues of your blog.

If any blogger really wants to spend some money on tools then he/she should buy good keyword research tools like Long Tail Pro, SEMrush etc..

8) How do you do keyword research and write content to rank on google ?

I use Google Adwords keyword planner to research keywords and check the monthly search volumes. After finalizing the keyword, I do analyze the keyword in SERPs and check the sites already ranking on first 10 positions for that keyword.

If those sites are of high authority then simply I reject that keyword and repeat the steps again and again until I find some keywords with less competition in search engine result pages.

Then after, I target those keywords in my blog articles.Recently, I have updated a list of 100 low competition keywords list on my blog. You can check it here.

9) You are Hosting your Blog on blogger platform why not WordPress ? Any Secret ?

There is no particular reason or any secret behind this. I started my blogging journey with Blogger and I am fully satisfied with it.

I tried WordPress too but my last decision was to stay with blogger.

I would like to mention one thing here that I have seen that most of the pro bloggers run their niche sites always on blogger.

10) What do you say about email marketing ? Is it necessary ? How ?

Yes, Email marketing is good. But to be honest, I am not in it. I do not use any email marketing software.

But I am planning to start Email marketing soon. It helps in generating leads, sales and money.

11) Blogs which you follow ?

I do not follow any blog. Whenever I need some solution regarding my blog issues I simply search that in Google and read the blogs which Google suggests.

12) What type of Link building Strategy you follow to build backlinks ? Do Backlinks are necessaryĀ to Rank on Google ?

If you are targeting the low competition niche then you can rank better in SERPs without having many backlinks.

But if you are in the niche where competition exists then backlinks are very necessary for ranking.

I do not use any techniques for backlinking. I always focus on natural backlinks which give better results.

13) Affiliate Marketing Vs Google AdSense Which one is best for new bloggers ?

I think new bloggers should focus on Adsense. But in the case if they get rejected by Google Adsense then they should try alternatives like affiliate marketing.

14) At the Initial stage of blogging did you buy any gig from Fiverr ? If Yes What was that ?

At an initial stage, I did not have any money to buy any Gig from Fiverr. After that, I bought some Article writing Gigs from fiverr.

But at present I have professional writers who do work for me and I pay them.

15) Any Secret which you didnā€™t Reveal yet without any one ? šŸ˜›

Tips2secure is a blog based on revealing the each and every secret of how one can become a successful blogger.

So, there is not any secret at all that I have not revealed yet.

16) What are your future plans?

I am planning to expand my blogging business. I might start blog designing and SEO services soon.

17) Message for my readers ?

If you really want to do something in your life then never give up and never say ā€œNOā€ to your dreams, goals and targets.
karamath sheik

My Name is S M Karamath Founder of syncetech.com which helps you to guide about such things which I have marked as categories.Blogging is like a part which I was doing for fun but now I converted into as Passion.

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