How To Setup Branded Short Url For Your Blog Using Bitly

setup branded short url

“Set Up Branded Custom Url Shortener”

If you are still in dailmo of why shorten link instead of normal custom url. Most of the branded products,online money making websites,and etc they use this trick to attract the users.
The main advantage of this short urls is if your blog domain name is very lengthy (I mean it is not able to spell or keep in mind easily) then is method is very useful to you.
So in this post lets us discuss the following topics :
  • Types of shorten url providers
  • How to setup custom url shortener

Types of shorten url providers ?

There are different sites which are ready to provide shorten url’s for free of cost. Really you no  need worry non of this sites will charge you single penny. By this you can create some brand name in online portal.Below are the sitles list.
These are top the best shorten url providers.Not only this list we have done some research in google and we finalized this list.Actually there are some other sites which do provide same service.
Note : We recommend you not to choose other sites rather than of above list.
In this post we are going to discuss about With the help of this domain we are going to create short url. is very user friendly. It makes users with great output. It is easily understandable and also to implement at the same time. provides some features like chrome extension, wordpress plugin with free of cost.

Steps to follow setup branded url shortner :

Dont be tensed if you make any small mistake then your stress of reading this post is waste. Implement it in very good way. Do not skip any step here if you do then you are the looser.
Let us divide this setup into three parts and make very easier to understand.

First Phase : 

Now its time to Pick up your brand name for your blog. Like for example a famous problogger pradeep kumar from he created his branded url as
Now you got the point right.
Now its your turn choose best one.For this you have buy ccTLD.Here you might be getting doubt
  • What is ccTLD ?
A country code top-level domain (ccTLD) is an Internet top-level domain generally used or reserved for a country, sovereign state, or dependent territory identified with a country code. All Ascii ccTLD identifiers are two letters long, and all two-letter top-level domains are ccTLDs.
  • Which ccTLD should i choose ?
Some ccTLD’s might be more expensive but we dont want to invest that much(We recommend).Choose some best at the same time cheapest one.
For this purpose we recommend you to prefer this site to purchase it.

Second Phase :

Now its time to configure your domain with Signup with free account(prefer) input some basic information they ask (Formalities). Complete the signup process.
After this Follow Go >Settings ->Advanced Tab

bitly settings
Click on Advanced Settings
bitly advanced tab
Then Follow the above image

bitly add branded domain tab
Read the instruction given above total three steps Implement according to it. I cannot go for furthur step because i didnt purchase domain(sorry for that) .
Note: If you get any problem in between ping iam here to help you.

Third Phase :

Go to your GoDaddy account, migrate to the Domains section, or to the exact place where your short domain is and then click on “Manage DNS”.
Now go to the “DNS Zone File” tab. Here you have to edit your A Record and CNAME Record for setting up Bitly. It’s very simple. I added the screenshots for this for your convenience.
Click on Add Record in a A(host) Zone file and fill with following dispalyed in image.
                            a(host) edit zone record
After pressing finish button it will look like this following image.
godady overveiw

Next Edit CNAME Record. Click on Add record 

a(cname) edit zone record
There you sucessfully completed the process. you have done great job people. After this go to custom domain page and push verify button.
dns configuration ok

By any chance, if you get some errors, then there are two reasons for this:
1. Either you entered the CNAME and A Record details wrongly. 
2. Your domain registrar needs some time to do the DNS work.
At the initial stage do you remember i told be careful while following steps. Follow it .
Finally Congratulations for your new shorten link.
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