How To Link Google Analystics With Another Google Adsense Account

It is very important to integrate google analytics when to have google Adsense account in order to track CTR,CPC and etc.You can know the behavior of your pages or posts that which post is getting more visits and clicks from which country.

What Is Google Analytics?

Google analytics is a web application it tracks your site stats exactly without any duplicate entries.Unique IP only will be counted as a new user if he keeps visiting your blog then he is not a new user but he is returning user.

Where in blogger it show’s overall pageview even if you visit your site it adds count.So it doest track exactly correct results.

Google Analytics is the best application to track your site stats.

What Is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is a program offered by google.It is an ad network where it place’s ads on you site if any one click and do some action you will be paid to it.It is one and only best high CPC(cost per click) provider.

Now a days getting approval of google AdSense became very easy many pro blogger’s written some great post tips trick to get it fully approved.

After getting approval from google Adsense you have to integrate google analytics on it as i said above right.

Lets go to the point now…..

If you have google analytics with one Gmail for example call it as (first@gmail.com) and you have google Adsense approval on same email id then it is very dead easy to integrate.

But think some different scenario if you have google analytics with one id (first@gmail.com) and google Adsense with another email if (second@gmail.com) then how you will integrate google analytics on google Adsense.

I am writing this post for this purpose only mate don’t bother its very easy lets start to follow the steps exactly.
Step 1 : Login with your google analystics account first.

Step 2 : Go to admin tab.

Next Follow The Image
Step 3 : After adding you email id which you created for google adsense. Now login to your google adsense account.
Step 4 : Click on Integrate with google analystics link
Step 5 : Pop out window will appear click on save preference.
That’s it guys follow the steps accordingly after this step 5 you know how to do it so iam not explaning just require some common sense.
After all these steps you will be sucessfully integrated your google analystics account to google adsense account.Now you can track individually each and every page click and etc.
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