Complete Guide : How Start Event Blogging [Tips & Tricks]

Event Blogging Guide || Basic To Advance

Event Blogging : So you have finally came to know about the magic of event blogging to make out quick money….

I will guide you in this post how to start event blogging the best complete case study tips and tricks don’t worry about it.

Before continue reading my request is don’t be tensed to know what is event blogging? and by reading half article don’t think i can start event blogging and become success.

Read from start to end bro I am not manipulating but I want my brother/sister to become success.

I hope you obey the above point…..
Now lets go to that key point where you are going to make some good amount of money after reading this article..
Many pro blogging have experienced with these blogging strategy and revealed the success stories as well as tips to start event blogging.
After reading some related Event Blogging post’s like most have them implemented but 80% of them failed in doing these.
One of my friend Iftekhar Ahmed From tried this event blogging based on FIFA WORLD CUP 2014 BRAZIL he made $5000.

Pretty Cool Right…….
I think so it is huge money for me I don’t know about you. you decide it.
If i get half of that amount i will be damn happy…….:)

What is Event Blogging?

It is just simple mate just focusing on upcoming event like new year,black friday,valentines day,and etc where the some millions of folks search for online about the history of desired event.

I will give you the list of Focusing event’s list to implement Event niche Blogging later.

continue reading…..

As i said above about Iftekar Ahmed now another famous blogger called Imranuddin From
He host some event blogging on new year event and got great success in his Carrier..
He made $2000 where he worked only for 7 days for his event blog ..
Now you don’t quit reading and start thinking about money continue reading (lol)   🙂

How To Start Event Blogging?

Now I will tell you step by step process of event blogging it sound’s easy to become success but you have to word hard bro 🙂
Target Some Upcoming Event..
Take calendar and see for upcoming events and make a list of it..
Now open keyword Planner in google adwords and Search it Individually so we can know how many are interested in particular event see monthly searches and etc

Select one target and start working on it.

Make a not of low competition and medium competition keywords with highly searches.

As I said above I will give Some famous events List I will be on my word Following :
  1. New Year
  2. IPL
  3. Elections
  4. Fifa World Cup
  5. Olympics
  6. Christmas
  7. Valentines Day
  8. Oscars
  9. Holi
  10. Friendship Day
  11. Halloween
  12. Black Friday
  13. Cricket World Cup
  14. Exam Results

Select Good EMD :

EMD stands from Exact Matching Domain…
Pick a related domain to your event blogging Dint got my point OK I will elaborate.
For Ex: I want to host on happy new year event so i will choose domain related to it.
You know where to buy domain right or should i tell …..juzz joking man i know that you are aware of it (lol)
I will choose domain like “”
Got my point Right.
Note : If you are hosting some thing like this it may be related to new year you just include year in domain as i have done above 2016.
Continue Reading………..

 Post Title and Content :

It is most important step bro don’t be negated.If you think like my domain is related to that event and  it is exactly matching keyword if any user type’s on Google your blog will be top..
you are completely on wrong strategy bro….
Here are some tips to follow to post content on event blogging :
  • Research keyword related to your blog niche and add it to post title and permalink (Mandatory)
  • Dont make annoying feeling to readers by posting offtopic related post’s,content with high searched words.
  • Include some ads between content chances of clicks
  • Internal link’s to your post (Mandatory)  
Note : Try to post atleast 30-40 posts totally so per day publish 2 post so that you can reach your target before event day arrives.

 Monetization :

Place you ads using google adsense only because it is the best cpc providing network.

So before igniting the traffic to your blog make sure your ads are on correct place. If placement of ads differ or if you paste as you wish then your google adsense account is going be banned so be careful.

Read google adsense policy’s and place ads (Mandatory).

In this post iam no going to explain deeply about google adsense ads placement so if you have no idea please go to my friends site and type same question.

Here is the URL of my friend :  (lol) 🙂

If you are an affiliate marketer then include these type of ads also chances of huge sales in event blogging. Try to think twice before placing affiliate links analyze your users and plan which product should i promote.

By the way Enjoy Affiliate Marketing Sale……

On Page Seo :

For event blogging it is not necessary to buy hosting seperatly better to use blogspot for event blogging because i have already told you it is just a short term blogging. Index of post’s will be done quickly.
Use some seo optimized templates I prefer you to choose ATB Template because it is well optimized and also mobile friendly template so you get huge traffic even from mobile based devices.
Do some keyword research and write article accordingly must include keyword on post title and permalink.
Choose some low competition, Medium competition keywords..
Don’t use any high competition keywords I suggest you.
Maintain good page speed. If your site is loading lately then your effort stuff you made is waste like drainage water.
Better use some CDN Networks for page speed (I Recommend CloudFlare The Fastest CDN Network).

Off Page Seo :

As soon as building on page seo focus on off page seo…
I say start building links instantly with some rich keywords related to your blog.
Comment on related blogs with some good comment and place your url there better use to shorten the url.
Maintain some  Bold letters,Italic letters,Internal Pages..

Final Words With Some Extra Tips For Implementing Event Blogging :

  • Use blogger blogspot platform it is enough for event blogging. Don’t invest a lot on Event Blogging.
  • Don’t do event blogging Single better find some partner.
  • Start implementing event blogging before 1 Month event starts.
  • Do keyword Research properly.
  • Target United States users because you get cpc high.
  • Start link building not only to your homepage but also build for your post.

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