Easy Way To Create Privacy Policy Page For WordPress And Blogger

“Create Privacy Policy Page”

Privacy policy page is must and should you have to create for a blog.It includes information about how you are gathering information from visitor and types of ad served in your blog.
Google adsense one of the top ad network over the world if you apply for google adsense program after submitting your blog it will take to approve minimum 3-4 days (Approx).
At this mean while google will scan all the pages you have created such as contact us, about, sitemap, disclaimer and privacy policy page.After this whole process you will get confirmation message as your adsense account has approved or rejected.If you don’t create all the above pages i have said then you will be rejected.

So it is very important to add privacy policy page for your website. Now lets discuss how to create privacy policy page for your blog.

Creating Privacy Policy Page For WordPress Blog And Blogger

If you have coding knowledge then you can create privacy policy page yourself even though most of them don’t follow it.Now there are so many free sites which helps generating privacy policy page.
You can use some third party website in order generate perfect privacy policy page without any coding just by clicking check box’s ,drop down menu’s and etc that’s it.
Steps to follow :
1. Go to the SerpRank.com  privacy policy generator page.
2. The page will ask for your Site URL and Email Address.
3. If your blog use cookies, select Yes, we use cookies option.
4. In the advertiser information, select the advertising solutions you use to monetize your blog.

5. After filling up the form, select Crete my Privacy policy. You have just created a privacy policy for your blog. Now Copy this information to a text document.

How To Add The Generated Privacy Policy To Your WordPress And Blogger?

1.  Open your Blogger Dashboard > Pages According to Blogger If you are using WordPress Blog then go to your Dashboard > Pages > Add New

2. Create a new blank page and paste the copied privacy policy in the text body and title your page as “Privacy Policy“
3. Publish your page
You have done great job bro you have successfully created and published privacy policy for your blog.
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