Complete Guide – How To Submit Your Business Online On Google For Free

So you want to set some public identity to your business or blog in online to become top most company In National/International.In this post, I will tell you how to submit your business or blog to google my business online portal for free in order to make aware your business globally as well as local.For these you have to create google business account we will discuss it later step by step process.

As like Bill Gates said “If your business in not on online then your business is out of business”
Google company is top most MNC company where some Millions of users makes research with google to find their solution.You can also list your business online in google places portal for free.
If your business is on online then people will trust you and come in front to make business with you.
Today’s human psychology is like that when a doctor say’s that your mother has brain fever by watching her reports then her/his child will google the reports and confirm it for his self-satisfaction sake.

Or else if you got a job or else something first you google it whether the company is fake or trusted one. Now don’t say yourself that no I don’t search in google though you say I don’t believe.

You are laughing right……


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Ok then….

What is Google Business?

Google business is a service free listing business on google to make some public identity.The information you provide will also appear on google maps,google plus.
Before establishing google business previously it was google places.If you have submitted your business to it don’t bother or resubmit to google business because if you have done then your business is automatically migrated to new service which is now called as google business listing.

How do I sign up for Google My Business?

Google has separate subdomain for this to take our business online with this online portal as below
Submit your business using the above URL with genuine information.Because google is smarter than you and it is not an human being but a robot hahaha….

If You Have Multiple Business Locations Then What To Do?

If you have 5 to 7 business locations like branches then you can add multiple locations using bulk upload tool.

For More Info Read More.

Exact Procedure To Submit Your Business Online:

As I told you first go to and log in with your Gmail Id if you don’t have then signed up for a new one.
So the screen will be like these as like below image.
Go to left corner sidebar menu and choose to create a business account.
google business complete guide
Next step is to choose your business name and click Done.Then you have to add your business location follow the below Image.
google business complete guide
Find your business online if you have submitted before to google maps or google places. If you didn’t find your business after hitting search button then you can see an option in below Image like I’ve correctly entered the name and address click it.
google business complete guide
After clicking on the above Image the next step to enter your business details as like below Image will guide you.
google business complete guide
After entering you business details you will get an error like we can’t find the address correctly so select set marker location to locate your location automatically as like see below image.
google business complete guide
After above step still your business location is wrong then you can drag that red color symbol located on maps exactly to your location of the business and click done.
google business complete guide
After Completion of above step you have to fill required fields as like below Image.
google business complete guide
Then folk you are done almost with finishing step ahead. Edit all the required fields like entering your website,set profile picture,and etc.Now click on verify now  your business on google as like follow Image.
google business complete guide
The next step is like below Image click on Mail so that you get a pin to get verified but  not instantly.
google business complete guide
Type your name in below field and push to send postcard as like shown in below Image.
google business complete guide


Heyy people, you have completely submitted your business to google.Really you are a genius and fantastic man.
After completing above steps don’t confuse or tensed that you didn’t get a pin to your email address in order to verify google business verification.
You have to wait for few days like say minimum 4 days you will get a letter from google with a pin number so that you can verify at that time.
So should I tell how to open that letter also ha aaa aa………
After you get verified your business on google business let me know how many of you have completed successfully by listing their business online.
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