6 Best Free CDN Services Must Use WordPress Users

CDN services

If you are a long term blogger then you must follow some strategy’s like content strategy, social marketing strategy, CDN service strategy providers and so on.

To satisfy your readers you must have good content which doesn’t relies your readers.Mainly your website speed must be good(Mandatory).

If your website is loading for long time then some visitors don’t have patience they discontinue and you loose it.

So you have to optimize your website accordingly.you might have doing optimizing your blog images ,css files,java script files and etc.

If you have not yet used CDN services then you have not yet optimized your blog speed totally.

If you use Content delivery network then speed of your blog will automatically increases so that you can deliver content easily to your readers.

You can easily boost blog speed with this services there are paid CDN network services and free CDN network services.

In this post we discussed about the best 6 free CDN network services providers :



CloudFlare hosting is one of the best CDN network for worpress that to offers for free(No any fee charges apply).This CDN network is very user friendly to use and to implement.There branches are located over the world.

You just signup with this network and include your blog url. Then CloudFlare checks over to your website then it provides with some custom nameservers you just have to redirect to your domain name that’s it.

You are Done!!!

The main advantage of CloudFlare it boost’s your site speed extremely and saves 60% of bandwidth.

Check the below image of total 30 data centers ClodFlare  is Located.

      cloudflare branchs

2.Photon By Jetpack WordPress

photon for jetpack

If you are wordpress user then i think you no need of any intro about this Jetpack. Already you might have using this Jetpack plugin inorder to track your site stats and other services.

Photon wordpress is not like other CDN network services for wordpress if your website contains more images then definitely make use of this service other wise choose some other.

Photon content deliver network loads images on your website with the help of powerfull wordpress.com servers.

Inorder to use this photon CDN service you have to install as usually jetpack plugin and then active the photon service.



This CDN network service is new when compare to other CDN service.Swarm Content delivery network offers 256GB of bandwith free of cost if you choose free plan.

Now a days many people are availing benefit from this service. SwarnCDN network services are located over 196 countries.



It is one of the sponsors of jsDeliver pubic CDN, CDN.net offers you 1 TB free CDN bandwidth. Now that’s more than enough for a website with moderate traffic and images.
 CDN.net will give you an idea as to what to expect once your use a proper CDN your bandwidth consumption and popular site content.


Normally wordpress themes uses some javascript code init. JsDelivr CDN network host this type of files.

It is also user friendly and offers free wordpress plugin.

Most of the worpress bloggers use this CDN network.Why because reason i said above.

6.Coral CDN


Basically Coral CDN network is project from MIT. This content delivery network offers free service and some billions of computer system are content over the world to this CDN network.

It is a p2p (peer-3-peer) based content delivery network. Coral CDN network works in the way, According to there wordpress plugin static servers through there servers appending “nyud.net” to the url.

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