5 Easy Ways For Generating Unique Content Ideas[Updated]

 “Content Writing Is An Art”

As like every one say “content is king” in article writing even i say.Because most of new bloggers copy content from other sites.Iam saying if you are one of them then you are a perfect looser.
But here i want to say some secret.If some one copy content from other site and make sight changes like blog post title, content lightly, and place a courtesy link at the bottom of the post.
Then your content is taken as original. Yaaa oohhh!!!
For a newbie it is difficult to get content idea’s blog post. In this post we have discussed some top 5 content generating idea’s.



Quora can also called as question and answer sites.Quora is main source for some new bloggers as well as pro bloggers.

Because new bloggers ask there question and pro bloggers answer it.We can get some experts answers from Quora.

After publishing a question on quora you can also request particular user’s to answer it to whom you love most or you follow most pro blogger.

We can easily generate content ideas when some questions are raised in front you.You can easily track the user that what they are seeking for.

Gather the list of question on excel sheet and start writing content on that question and copy that post url and past it under that question in quora so that he benefit and you can generate traffic even though like 1Shot 2Birds (lol).

So do follow all the question that newbies make track that question answer it so that that reader will believe you and he follows your blog he will trust you and your content daily for gaining some knowledge.


uber suggest

It an amazing tool i like it allows you to input your keyword and revert output as related to that keyword.

Simply we can say its an “suggestion keyword tool“.

Using UberSuggest we can generate LSI Keywords. 

LSI Keywords means long tail keywords.It helps to boost your blog organic traffic.

Just make a look at a that site you will love it.




It is an online community where some experts help to write articles with good meaning and engage visitors. Content is king as usually all know’s at the same time reader should addict your content and follow you.

In this online community you can get some content ideas where experts would suggest.Making of good relationship with experts also like practical life seo strategy i believe.

Because if any problem arises then you have your friend right (I mean that expert).

If you involve in this community then you no need to invest your time for waste or researching for content idea’s.



I think you are listening this site name for the first time Alltop.com is a site where you can see different topics from different sources.

This help’s you to generate some blog post’s title as well as content ideas.

Most of them are not aware of this site iam talking about new bloggers they don’t make use of it though pro bloggers are using.

Now iam writing about this alltop.com site lets see how many of them will use after reading this post.

You can find any niche topic just search for that topic which located on the right top search option enter your keyword then following list will be displayed in front of you.

Note: Make a note how to they are writing there blog post title and how is there content quality analyze it implement yourself.



Topsy is another great tool for content idea’s we can say it is alternate to buzzsumo.com.It will be similar to that site so i said.

In Buzzsumo if we type our blog post title then it will show results accordingly from facebook,google+ or some other.

But here in Topsy if we enter keyword we require then it will show only data present in twitter.

You got my i hope!!

We can able to see number of tweets generated in particular time of that post or keyword you enter.It allow you to filter such as video’s ,photos,tweets,links and etc this will help to get good content idea.

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