10 Best Trigger Words Must Include in Article Ignite Traffic Engagement

10 Best Trigger Words

Normally in general life there are some Best trigger words that’ll ignite if people listen they’ll change there expression into some interesting look.

Infact that’s the human psycology the god has created in us. The feature which god has coded us as inbuilt software(trigger words).

The word usage is also an important aspect where the users continues to read. If we use some butller words or some thing other then user will discontinue.

It also transform your blog post like “how fantastic it is”. People’s engagement will increase if we use such type of great word.

No matter what is your content about. Main strategy is how you promote it that much you benefit.You have to grab the attention of the visitor such type of word will be help full.

So its time to explore the 10 trigger words to approach the visitors post engagement.


Another the best trigger word of free is “almost free”.

For example if iam providing free (seo) search engine optimization then people will broke my house gate and will enter into and beg please for me.

Iam i right!!!

Even a begger also involoves in any program if he listens or watch some where “Free” Keyword. That is the speciality of that keyword.

If you include this free keyword when you are creating an email newsletter or some post then you have to upgrade your hosting plan plan(LoL).


Another trigger word that will ignite engagement with your blog post is “proven.”

Most of them are addicted to this word. Because they are also in very bad position. They want to make some money with this proven Method.

That is the power of “Proven” Keyword.

Brian Tracy, one of the most respected personal development coaches and public speakers, uses the word “proven” all of the time – to build trust.

No body are ready to do some experiment or guessing works. If he decides to do some thing by his own if he fails. So most of them will follow some pro bloggers which they provide allready proven marketing strategy.


Some peoples like you will be always curious to learn new things ex. new seo techniques, new sem, tehniques, new free hosting services and etc.

If you include keyword “NEW” in your blog post then he/she will be alert and read the article throughly that he is learning a new word.

If people loved it then he/she definetly share’s that post.

Even i hope in you that you will share this post as much as you can. Because i belive in learn make others learn.

What about you ?

Make sure you include that keyword “NEW” in your post title. Increses post engagement .


 Neilpatel Says :-

I like to include the word “convert” in my blog posts, because it walks the reader through the entire process of transforming something into another form — usually readers into followers or prospects into customers.

I dont want to write any thing about this keyword More. Follow the above suggession.


If you are lazy about to finding things which you require will be difficult to do such type of task.
If the headline conveys that something is easy, people will click on it and read on. If it seems difficult, or the word “impossible” is used, people are much less likely to respond.
For example : “Social Media ” strategy is some what difficult to do. If we create blog post title like this
“Easy ways approach social media marketting strategy ” Then the user will definatly open the post and shares it if he likes it.


There’s a secret that the successful digital marketing that aren’t telling you. You read their blog posts, and watch their training videos, yet you can’t put your finger on what those “secrets” are.

There’s no secret, actually. It’s only a secret when you don’t know it.

“Secret” inspires a sense of wonder. It causes people to be curious.

Use the word “secret” in your blog post headlines, the body and even in the call-to-action, when you’re unveiling something new or delivering a piece of particularly high-quality information.


The word “more” is one of those words that you can use to show that you’re not finished yet. When your readers think that all of your ideas are exhausted, you need to come up with “more” ideas, insights and strategies.

When customers see the word, “more” in either your headline, body copy, call-to-action or email subject lines, they’ll know that they’re making the best decision.


Yes!! howzz this word folk. Even you love this word because so many pro’s say think positive.

For Example if you see headline like this

  • Yes! you can learn seo in 30 days
  • Yes! Social media marketting helps making money

Then how do you fell you will just leave the post or what to learn that secret strategy.

If i have like this post infront of me i will defenatly check it out. I dont know what you will do ?

Try to include it on post title you will see instant results i hope.


“Never” is a negative word, but it’s an invaluable word, in the right context, showing the reader what not to do.
What do you think will happen when a customer knows that clicking a headline will save them money and arm them with the tools that they need to stop wasting money?  Do you think they’ll click on the headline?
According to me no doubt they will i bet you.


When people are tired of experimenting and waiting for results, it can be frustrating.

But, you can always help them, by presenting your thoughts, topic, ideas or strategy in such a way as to enable them to get instant, or near-instant, results.

Customers like the idea of paying for an ebook and downloading it instantly. Just look at the upward sales trends for ebooks, heading towards 2020.

I hope you had a great time by reading this article. I have done my job now its your turn to make others aware of this words.

Straight Point : Share with your Mates,Family,Neighbors,World. Thanks.

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