What is Alexa Ranking? How does it effect to blog , How to improve it ?

what is alexa and how to improve

What Does Alexa Do ?

Alexa is one of the service of Amazon Product .It is maintained by Amazon co. Alexa ranking is one of the top most company which give’s a particular rank for specific website.
Alexa is one of the leading internet statistics engines. It keeps a “top billion” chart, where every webpage on the planet has its place.
 It’s a chart that gives you insight on how your business is doing through calculating the popularity of your site.

How accurate is Alexa Traffic Rank?

You should bear in mind that the rankings are calculated using traffic data collected only from users who have the Alexa toolbar installed, and who may or may not be a representative sample of all those who use the internet.
As a result the number of visitors to each website may not be accurately estimated, especially where that site receives relatively few visitors. In general, traffic rankings of more than 100,000 should not be considered reliable, but used as a rough guide only.

What Is Alexa Toolbar?

For those people, who are new to Alexa Toolbar. It is a toolbar which sends your browsing details to Alexa. But, it can be an essential tool for you in checking a websites Alexa Rankings instantly as well as increasing your site’s Alexa rankings.

How Alexa Ranking Can Be Improved ?

Claim your web site in Alexa first. If you have a brand new blog, then you begin to get Alexa ranking, Alexa ought to claim your blog. Just as validating your web site in Webmaster Tools and Analytics, you wish to verify your possession, yet similarly goes with Alexa.
Alexa is a website that claim your blog property. Alexa ranking for the first time will take a while to get the quantity of the initial ranking. It is pretty normal so you don’t need to stress much. It will decrease as soon your blog get traffic through backlinks.

Use Alt tags in your Pictures

ALT tags ought to be on all of your pictures. pictures are invisible to search engines, and ALT tags are a simple way to tell search engines what your image is regarding. Below a recently uploaded image, there ought to be an area that says, “Title”, “Alternate Text”, “Caption”, and “Description”. polish off a keyword for the ALT tags and maximize the impact of the pictures on your website.
Encourage more reader to your website to add your alexa listing for your own website


Alexa Traffic can be used as a competitive intelligence tool but you should take into consideration the fact that its sample size of audience is too small; Just enter your competitor’s site in the “Compare Sites” section and measure the results of your web marketing efforts in comparison with your competitors’.
As opposed to Google’s PageRank, the lower your ranking number, the better.
It helps Webmasters and advertisers see the true marketing potential of your Web site. The better your Alexa rank, the higher they will be willing to bid to buy advertising space on your Web site.
Personal pages or blogs are taken into consideration and ranked in the same manner as regular Web sites. 
Given that Alexa ranking offers you information about your Web site, it is a good tool to have in view of search engine optimization.


Not everybody has the Alexa toolbar installed, so there might be millions of Web sites that, even if they have a lot of traffic, will not be ranked by Alexa. It is rather relative.
Many people say that it is inaccurate and that Alexa traffic can be greatly influenced.
Subdomains are not ranked separately, and neither are subpages within a domain. The overall traffic is calculated for the top-level domain only.

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