Top 10 Best social media marketing tools open’s the door’s of success

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KingSumo :

The KingSumo headline testing plugin for WordPress gives you the option to create additional test headlines for your blog posts right in the editor. You can add 2 to 10 headlines it’s up to you.Blogs depend on headlines to attract new readers, but it’s a pain to A/B test them until now.

Post Planner :

Post Planner not only allows you to schedule updates in advance, it also gives you an entire list of status ideas, access to the most viral posts on Facebook and insights on trending content based on your industry. It even has free training to help you maximize your presence on Facebook.I recently discovered Post Planner, an app built inside Facebook that offers a value-packed dashboard to help you manage and enhance your Facebook strategy.

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GitHub :
The coolest social media marketing tool I’ve discovered in the last six months is GitHub. It’s a development platform and version control system like CVS.GitHub is free, open source and offers source code control for developers who are willing to share their projects. 

Cyfe :
It is an all-in-one business dashboard makes it easy to monitor virtually every piece of analytic data about your business . Pre-built widgets pull data from popular services like Google and Salesforce. Add you own custom widgets or Push API for integrating addition data

Curalate :
 With 2.6 billion images shared each day and Instagram the de facto social media network for savvy Millennials, there’s no denying the power of visual content. Kick-start your visual brand management with Curalate. Curalate applies image recognition algorithms to social media conversations and then scours social media sites 

Social Rank : 
Social Rank is the easiest way to identify, organize, and manage your followers on Twitter and Instagram. Social Rank sorts your followers based on Most Valuable , Most Engaged , Most Followed, and Best Followers.

 Babbly : 
Babbly is a social sharing tool that boosts your content to reach viral status. Have a link that deserves sharing? Post it to the Babbly community and watch it go viral.

Bit.ly :
In essence, bit.ly is a URL shortener, transforming ugly eyesore URL strings into cute little clickables. However, it can be a heck of lot more if you let it. Sign up for a free account, and Bit.ly will save your “bitlinks,” let you organize your bitlinks into “bundles,” and even track click analytics.

Buzzsumo :
Buzzsumo is pretty darn cool it lets you discover the “most shared content and key influencers” on the web. Search a keyword and see which related articles performed the best, complete with social media shares.

Slide Share :

Slide Share is a great way to repurpose your existing Power Point presentations into awesome slide decks to share with social media followers. Slide Share is the perfect tool for rehashing and recycling your content for different audiences and channels.

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