In Detail : How to Verify sitemap on blogger to google webmaster tools

verify sitemap on blogger

To submit sitemap or verify of your blog on blogger for google webmaster tools is very important. In order to become a pro blogger we need good serp rank and good interaction with new bloggers.Sitemap is just an XML File.By submitting this sitemap it makes possible esay. let us discuss in detail.

What is a  sitemap ?

A sitemap is simply a folder where your pages are existing on your blog. To get organic traffic for your blog your post must index on google so you get organic traffic(users from google or bing search engine). sitemaps make easier this process if you submit sitemap to google it crawls your pages,posts and index it properly.

What if you have not submitted sitemap ?

There nothing will happen. You posts will get index but not in proper way.

Where you have to submit your sitemap ?

You have to submit your sitemap on google webmaster tools.
So now you know what is sitemap and its importance. Now lets see how to submit sitemap on blogger platform. To do this you have to follow only 2 steps you will achieve your need.
Before going to google webmaster tools to submit sitemap your have some silly work to be done.
See now go to your blogger dashboard.Next go for settings option.Next go for search preferences.Now you can see Custom robots.txt is disabled.Edit that option and place the following code.
In this code you have to add your site name.Replace the with your url and paste it in custom robots.txt option and push to save option.
User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /
See the following images for clearing your confusion.

1st :

blogger overview

2nd :

Thats it now your second step to follow :

To submit sitemap on blogger dont confuse its very easy.
2. Go for crawl option placed on your left hand site.
3. Go to sitemap option.
4. Here you will see an option on right top as ADD/TEST SITEMAP.
5.Click on it.
6. Then place this code in that text filed. Dont change any thing in this code paste as it is like that.
7. And press submit button.
You have done great job folk thats it your sitemap is submitted to google webmaster tools.
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