How to make money by Creating android,ios apps without any coding

What is Android Programming ?

Android is an open source and Linux-based operating system for mobile devices , smartphones and tablet computers. Android was developed by the Open Handset Alliance, led by Google, and other companies.

The first beta version of the Android Software Development Kit was released by Google in 2007 where as the first commercial version, Android 1.0, was released in September 2008.
On June 27, 2012, at the Google I/O conference, Google announced the next Android version, 4.1 Jelly Bean. Jelly Bean is an incremental update, with the primary aim of improving the user interface, both in terms of functionality and performance.
The source code for Android is available under free and open source software licenses. Google publishes most of the code under the Apache License version 2.0 and the rest, Linux kernel changes, under the GNU General Public License version 2.

How to create an app ? (previously)

Now a days coding has become very complicated one for software developers. Technology is not stopping its growth. when android was introduced it was an open source means any one can do android application development for free and publish there apps in like google playstore.

But Now How to make an app ?(Now)

I dont want to write any thing here just by saying one word you can create android development application just by drag and drop.

How apps make money and where ?

Just like maintaining a blog. A blogger will create his blog clearly and after he monetize his blog with some adds providing services just like google adsense is the primary source of income for many blogger’s. Here also we will monetize our apps with some adds There is another method of earning money by creating apps. That is selling means publishing your app in google playstore and making money out of it.

Google play store alternative ?

Most of them dont know that there is some thing other than google play store where they can publish there apps. specifically for Indian’s. Indians do use google play store i going to tell you another alternative of it. That is Amazon app store. 

Yes! Amazon has its app store where countries like us,uk and many use this service rather using google play store.

What is amazon app store and how to make money from it ?

Amazon app store is the best alternative of google play store. when comes to google play store if you want to publish your app you have to pay some registration fee for googlecom and after that you get permissions to publish android application. Read the next paragraph.

Amazon app store is free ?

Off course it is free folk where you can publish as many as your apps unlimited without any registration fee.

How to develop an app ?

Yes now you no need to code any app.As like i said in the above just drag and drop.Now iam going to share that point i have done this technique and had great income. 
There is website namely Not only this one you just google it like
“Build apps without any coding you will get the list of site and rock on”
Just drag and drop every thing you require in the app and just publish it to amazon app store and make money.
After creating your app you dont submit your app to amazon app store with the reference of this website it will take long process.
Better You send that app to your email id and download it from there and go to amazon app store with developer mode 
Here is the link to sigup Amazon App Store Developer Mode
So i hope you guys Understood the whole process that how to make money with developing apps without coding.Enjoy.
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